Cardiovascular Health Research Unit


The CHRU is located in downtown Seattle, Washington approximately three miles south-southwest of the University of Washington and approximately 1 mile north-northwest of Harborview Medical Center. We are located on the 13th floor of Metropolitan Park East.


Parking is available in our building, the surrounding buildings, pay lots, and on the street.

Driving from I-5

Navigating to Met Park East can be challenging for drivers unfamiliar to the area approaching from I-5. We suggest using the path shown on the right to find parking.

Taking Link Light Rail

The Link Light Rail is the fastest way to get to and from campus and is shown in the nearby image. For scheduling and coordinating with connecting buses we suggest using OneBusAway.

Taking the Bus

For bus service between the University of Washington (Seattle Campus) and Metropolitan Park, routes 43, 49, and 70 are usually convenient. Please consult the Metro web site or call 206-553-3000 for route information and times.

Metropolitan Park Shuttle

Metropolitan Park provides a courtesy shuttle from 7:00am to 6:00pm that connects to South Lake Union, Capitol Hill and Downtown Seattle. See the map on this page for live updates.