Cardiovascular Health Research Unit

James Floyd, MD, MS

Assistant Professor, Medicine
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Epidemiology


BS, Chemistry, Duke University, 2000
MD, Duke University, 2005
Residency, Internal Medicine, University of Washington, 2008
MS, Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2011


Cardiovascular drug safety
Epidemiologic methods
Regulatory science


Duke General Clinical Research Center Student Scholarship, 2003
American Heart Association Scholarship in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke, 2003
American Stroke Association Scholarship in Cerebrovascular Disease, 2003
Duke University William J. Griffith University Service Award, 2005
National Heart Lung Blood Institute K08 Award, 2013
University of Washington Chair of Medicine Scholar Award, 2014
American Heart Association Council on Epidemiology and Prevention, 2014


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Floyd JS, Heckbert SR, Weiss NS, Carrell DS, Psaty BM. Use of administrative data to estimate the incidence of statin-related rhabdomyolysis. JAMA. 2012;307:1580-1582. [Research Letter]  PMID:22511681

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