Cardiovascular Health Research Unit


Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of physicians (cardiologists, neurologists, pulmonologists, nephrologists, sleep experts, general internists), epidemiologists, biostatisticians, bioinformaticians, pharmacoepidemiologists, health services researchers, biochemists, dieticians and computer scientists.

Research and Administrative Staff

Employees at the CHRU are responsible for the day to day operations. The contributions of staff employees span data entry, data collection, data analysis and contributions to manuscripts. Additionally, staff provide support with payroll, grant applications, and educational activities.

Traci Bartz, MS Research Scientist
Stephen Daniel, PhD Director of Research Informatics (CHSCC)
Rich Jensen, OD, PhD Research Scientist
Sue Lentz Research Manager
Cynthia McCrain Associate Director of Research Operations
Karen Murphy Fiscal Specialist
Eva Paquette Phlebotomist
Sue Psaty Abstractor
Kerri Wiggins, MS, RD Research Scientist
Jean Yee Research Consultant
Mira Zalokar-Newton Research Analyst

Active Trainees

Students are the future leaders of research!

Tom Austin Epidemiology Pre-doctoral Trainee
Biraj Karmacharya Epidemiology Pre-doctoral Trainee
Sachita Shrestha Global Health Pre-doctoral trainee
Lauren Strand Biostatistics Pre-doctoral trainee
Brenton Swenson Epidemiology Pre-doctoral Trainee
Ian (Chaoyu) Yu Biostatistics Pre-doctoral trainee

Previous Trainees

Over the years training grants have supported a large number of trainees

Helen Kim
Tom Rea
Elanor Sidman
Alex Reiner
David Brown
Josh Bis
Gina Schellenbaum Lovasi
Nicole Glazer
Jeannie Chan
Nona Sotoodehnia
Lucia Hindorff
Catherine Johnson
Cara Carty
Daniel Enquobahrie
Kristin Marciante
Kiyon Chung
Matthew Thomas
Amanda Fretts
Inbal Boger-Megiddo
Rich Jensen
Evan Thacker
Victor Van Hee
Renu Garg
Astrid Suchy-Dicey
Erin Wallace
April Wicks
Arend Voorman
Paul Jensen
Alison Kosel
James Floyd
Melody Hwang
Sheldwin Yazzie
Luke Wander
Gloria Chi
Joanna Ghobrial
Laura Harrington